Friday, December 12, 2008

Video Blogging - The Reality !

Well if your keeping track of this blog chronologically (which is definitely advised!) you will know that I work in video production and that’s the reason i am keen to create a video blog opposed to only a written one. I had really high expectations early on about what I thought i could do and achieve while I’m away, from actually editing the videos into little films through to high quality output. However I was sharply brought back down to earth when I started to work on the practicalities of it all, most of which I have come to realise are not possible or practical while i’m on the move and will no doubt not have hours and hours to upload the videos.

But difficulties aside, it isn’t going to deter me. Ok, so I won't be able to edit my videos into neat little films, meaning what you see is what you will get! They will be raw video, in a reasonable resolution, but that’s the balance i have to get if i can realistically keep a video blog!

I will be able to stitch clips together and that’s about it, it’s a case of making the most out of it. I'll be uploading the videos onto an online file storage server and streaming them directly from there. To be honest it’s definitely going to be better to download them and watch them from the download option below; they will be bigger and better quality and size.

When it comes to the filming, i want to capture as much as possible and getting opinions from as many other people as i can too. Nothing can be planned out so i’ll just see what happens and go with the flow.

I'm filming everything on the little bad boy you see above (Sanyo CA8) I’m going to be filming in 4:3 (square) opposed to 16:9 (widescreen) and the reason is this camera can only film in 4:3 (which does suck) ... However that is a sacrifice I’m going to make because it’s one of the only video cameras on the market that’s Fully Waterproof! (Up to 5ft) this sold it to me considering what I’m doing and where I’m going! So next is phase 2 ... Testing the camera out!

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