Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Intro . . .

Well this is the start of it all, not knowing what to expect, fulfilling things i have waited to do for a long time and embarking on an ever approaching adventure around the world. Memories are a great thing, so documenting those experiences will help to share them with everyone and bring them back to life later down the line when i look back on it all. So i’m going to join the blogging world and as you can see i have created this so i can keep everyone up to date with what i’m doing.

For me the thought of writing and writing.... and writing doesn’t appeal to me a great deal, i don’t mind doing it to an extent but i’m going to push the boat out a little and attempt to keep a VIDEO BLOG. The main reason behind that is i do video production for a living, so keeping the camera handy and capturing the moment should come naturally, i don't however do anything infront of the camera so thats the bit that will take some getting used to. I will still write about things and upload as many photos as possible, but the key element of this blog will be the raw video side of it, you will almost be there with me, experiencing the things i do and seeing the things i see!

My theory is: seeing what I’m up to will be a whole lot better than just reading what I’m up to, for you and me both! That way you’re not only going to be able to see what i’m doing and what i think but i’ll get other people involved along the way, getting them to share their experiences too. The reality of keeping this updated might not be as productive as I hope, i admit it’s a little ambitious, not just technologically but it’ll need a fair bit of time and dedication to keep it going, something i might not get as much of as i would like. Whatever the case, I’ll give it a good go!

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