Friday, December 26, 2008

Expectations – It’s best not to have any!

Having known a number of people who have been travelling and many that currently are i have heard so many stories about places they have been to and things they have done, some of which i may be doing too. But i don’t take things for granted, whether its an opinion about a film or where someone has been or what they have done, i’ll wait until i have experienced it before i make any judgement. Everyone’s opinions are their own after all! I think expectations will only lead to potential disappointment, so i intend to keep an open mind and take every experience as it comes.


There is only so much planning you can do, too much could ruin your trip, after all travelling is largely about going where the wind will take you and you cant do that if you have fixed plans on where your going and what you will be doing. I have plenty of ideas about what i’d like to see and do in the different countries and it will be great if i get to do some of those things, but i also look forward to finding out from other people about places to go and things to do along the way.

The furthest i have got (apart from booking all the flights) is booking my first couple of nights in Sri Lanka, with an airport pick up, then, as it is New Year very soon i have decided to do something a little different and make it a memorable one, so i’m going to be seeing the new year in from the top of a famous mountain in Sri Lanka ( Called Sri Pada ) – that’s about as random as your gonna get and i’m looking forward to that one! From there onwards the whole trip is pretty well unknown apart from the dates of my flights, it’s just a case of squeezing everything in!

Its slowly sinking in now, the reality that i will be leaving in a couple of days. I don’t really feel nervous or as excited as i probably should be at the moment, maybe its still all a little surreal. Perhaps it will hit home when i’m on the plane. I’m gonna give it a go at doing a quick pre departure video blog on the morning i leave, maybe then i will work out how i’m feeling about it all! Until then . . .

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