Friday, December 19, 2008

Leading up to departure...

Well there are a million things i could talk about, we'll start with the first few things i can think of... so first and foremost its only 9 days until I’m actually on the plane and jetting off to the first destination! To be honest its not until i get on the plane to Sri Lanka its all going to kick in and i actually feel I’m jetting off to warmer climates!

I wouldn’t say i’m a non experienced traveller, through University, Holidays and Work i have been fortunate enough to make it to a number of fascinating places, including Europe, China and the US. However these trips were only a few weeks at any one time, not a few months lie this one. I’m quite aware that ‘holidaying’ and 'travelling' are somewhat different, I’ll be frequently moving around, from guest house to hostel and my life will consist of what ever i can squeeze into my bag. Finding a bag that was practical and comfortable was somethig i wanted to get right, after all i’ll be moving around a fair amount of the time. By doing a little research all the information is only a click away and i came across a bag that ticked all the boxes.

I bought a Geonaute bag that's both a backpack (60Litres) and is a drag bag with wheels - in one. It seems great at the moment, only time will tell if it does its job. It also has a 10 Litre day pack which zips and straps onto the front. I've got the black version which looks pretty good; got it for about £70!

As I’m planning on taking a video camera (and keeping the renowned video blog) the first thing I think of is security, not if I’m going to drop it or break it but if it gets nicked. So I’ve invested in a security cable (about £10), its a lockable retractable cord. So this thing is an additional security feature which will allow me to secure my baggage, cameras or anything else to something solid (i.e. beds, luggage racks, sun beds on the beach etc) its just more peace of mind when your travelling on your own and you can’t keep a constant eye on your stuff! Seems great in theory, we will see how it goes!

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