Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Video Blog Test

Now for a little Video Testing ... Well this is what its all going to be about, so there is nothing fancy or interesting involved with this, it’s just to check a few things. Firstly that the video camera works, secondly the video file uploads on here ok and most importantly to test camera works under water ... lastly i want to make sure the download option underneath the video works as by downloading the video the image quality and size will be loads better!


The video works, i have to say its a little weird talking to a camera (i'm used to working behind one!) but in the long run that'll be a big part of this blog; filling you in about the things i'm doing and places I’m going to. Its a shame you can't change the holding frame of the video.

The upload of the video took about 10 minutes for every 1 minute of video. That was on a fairly good internet connection so i would expect it to take a fair bit longer where the internet service is not as good. The file its self was recorded @ 640x480 & 60fps (the best quality for this cam). The file size was about 50 MB saved directly to SDHC Card, so no need for tapes, i just upload directly to the comp via USB stick, nice and easy!

The download time was really quick. The image quality isn't amazing in low light conditions, but outside and under water it’ll be great! Lets hope the rest of the video blogs will be a little more interesting!


  1. Hi happy trying,testing and journeying.I dont travel much but love people and places.In older days we could only come to know about those through travologues like the famous one of Ibne Battuta.I have an english version.Fascinating how technology has made communication in every sense worthy and life so fascinating.Here I am thousands of miles away and seeing you go on a journey,Ihope your family and freinds will be so happy too!

  2. It is indeed fascinating, technology makes the world a far more accessible and reachable place. As you say, you are thousands of miles away and perhaps have never been to some of the places I’m heading to but i hope the video footage will bring the place and activities to life, far more than photos or words can ever do. How did you come across this blog, i haven’t even sent out the link to friends or family yet! I hope you and everyone else enjoy following it and getting a real taste of what i do.

  3. Hi I came across it in the blogspot search randomly.As I love places and dont travel much I really look forward to see you travelling.I love to see beautiful pictures too >national geographic and Nasa are two of my favorite.Happy journeying again.