Wednesday, December 10, 2008

About the Adventure . . .

Now I’ve made the blog the next step is to test it all out and get to grips with the 'posting/blogging' issue before I head off, so here we go. . .

I'm all booked up, and with a few last minute alterations to my itinerary I’m all sorted!


28th Dec - UK, Heathrow to Sri Lanka
8th Jan - Sri Lanka to Singapore
13th Jan - Singapore to Oz, Sydney
27th Feb - Oz, Cairns to NZ, Auckland
14th Apr - NZ, Auckland to L.A
15th Apr - L.A back to UK!

I have wanted to travel for as long as i can remember, see the world and meet new people, that has always seemed so exciting to me. People all around me either have travelled, are travelling or will be and so i had to make the decision to do it sooner rather than later. A decision made a little more difficult due to owning a video production company with two other guys (Pro-Mo Media) and we have worked extremely hard over the last year and a half since graduating from university getting it to where it is now. But i’m not going for a huge amount of time so it should be enough to get the taste of travelling and when i get back i’ll get back into the work i enjoy a great deal.

Roughly over the last 5 months my trip has evolved from a month travelling up the east coast of Australia to 3 and a half months doing a mini world trip. I figure if I’m gong all that way around the world, i may as well make it a worthwhile period. I’ll always want more but i’m more than happy with that.


As i mentioned I was only intending on going to Oz, then hop over to NZ. The flight I was booked on going to Oz had a compulsory flight change in Sri Lanka and another in Singapore. At the time it meant I was going to be hanging around for hours and hours waiting for my connections. Basically I started researching into Sri Lanka (to be honest I didn't really know anything about the country, only where it was!)

The more I researched, the more interested I became and discovered there are so many amazing and interesting things to see and do there. So the possibility of visiting there became more real, and to persuade me even further the flights through STA allowed me to stay in the country as long as I liked with no extra cost to the flights, so I gave them my dates and the rest is history, I’m now going to be adventuring around Sri Lanka and the same for Singapore! Admittedly the more I discover about the place the longer I want to stay there, but 10 days should give me a good taster!

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