Sunday, January 04, 2009

4th Jan - On Route to Yala National Park and a Jungle Safari Adventure!

After leaving Ella we made our descent through the mountains heading to flatter ground in the south. The goal is to do a half day Safari later today. The only way to get around the park is by Jeep and unlike a zoo your not guaranteed to see anything, bt if I do get to see the animals in their natural environment it’ll be pretty amazing.

The Park has many dirt tracks cut into it and the Jeeps have to stay on the paths.


Within my 4 hour Safari I got to see so many animals, my guide who does the safari day in day out has not seen a leopard for about a week and the black bear for over 2 weeks. Well guess what – I saw them both one after the other, they were a little way away bt I got to see a Leopard and Black Bear in their natural environment and it was pretty amazing. I’m so glad I got to do it.

The place I was staying in was pretty good, and it even had a swimming pool. It is my drivers birthday today so there are a fair few people celebrating and it was a good end to a good day.


*Here’s the current advice from the British Foreign and Commonwealth office:

We advise against all travel to the north and east of Sri Lanka, and to Yala National Park and the areas around it.’

I didnt read this until after my trip to Yala and hearing about it from other travellers. There never seemed to be any problems or dangers during my time in Yala, the tourism has been hugely effected by the situation out here. The reality of the situation seems distant to me, all I see is friendly people and a beautiful country far from the war zone it currently is. They hope it will be resolved within the next year.

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