Friday, January 02, 2009

2nd Jan – On route to Ella with a quick climb before departure

Today were off to Ella which is about 3 hours away. Jocelyne has a few days left of her trip so instead of heading straight back to the capital she is going to tag along with me and my driver for a little adventure in Ella. My driver has sold the place to us saying it’s not to be missed.

The time in Nuwara Eliya was great but largely consisted of a heavy drinking night and a little wondering around the town. So we wanted to something a little more meaningful before we set off for Ella, so we got a guide to take us up a famous view point called One Tree Mountain.


The views from the top were fantastic, the only problem our legs were still hurting from the climb up Adams Peak the night before. Unknown to me at the time Jocelyne had also clambered onto the ledge I found at the top of Adams Peak and was one person away from me watching the sunrise from almost the same spot, it’s a small world!

So aching and hurting we hurried back to the hotel to check out and then headed for Ella; pleased we got the hike in before we left! Ella is situated in a beautiful valley surrounded by vast peaks either side, the temperature is a lot cooler in the evenings too.


After sorting out our rooms we got some lunch and set off on yet another trek, this time up a peak called ‘Little Adams Peak’ – a smaller version of what we climbed for New Years. It still took ages and was really steep, yet all the same, the views from the top were well worth the effort getting there.



We saw a waterfall over the other side of the valley and decided it would be well worth checking out and hopefully swim in the pool below it. We got back, had even more rice and curry, a load more Arrack and got some kip ready for the little adventure to the waterfall tomorrow.

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